Chronic Citizen Greg Englesson
gave birth to his Alter Ego the Anti Ego Mr.E in the last century
when he moved to Woodstock NY from New York City.
A Funky Roots Rocking Poet playing Topical Lyrical Folk Rap 
spiced with social satire wound in a Zen blender.
Greg Englesson is a prolific songwriter / storyteller
with a background in Ethical Social Political Philosophy.
He will get you thinking, smiling, dancing.
Be sure to catch a live show

At Beacon Folk Festival

                 "In The Land of the Insane" 2020 release!  download!   

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                                   "Mr. E Demystified"
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Chronic Citizens slide show

                       Chronic Citizens album "Capital Cult"
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This was a favorite song from 2011's "on the brink of it all"